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Video Sessions and Short/Ignite Talks Archives from DevOps Days 2011 Mountain View, June 17 - 18, 2011

DevOps Days claims to be “The conference that brings development and operations together.” DevOps Days 2011 Mountain View was held June 17 -18, 2011 with a sold-out crowd at Linked In’s Mountain View headquarters. Following are links to video archives of the welcome address, panel discussions, short talks, lightening talks, O’Reilly Media’s Velocity Conference 2011 and Giga Om’s Structure Conference 2011:


Opening Session: DevOps State of the Union by John Willis: History, Current and Future.


To open DevOps Days Mountain View 2011, John Willis delivers an energetic review of how we got here and a glimpse of where we are going.

Panel Discussions

Panel: To Package or not to Package - Cutting Edge Software Distribution


To Package, or not to package that's the question. To package, but what to package; that's another question? Th[ou] shalt not package config files! Didn't we already decide the yak would be painted green last decade? But what about all the new stuff like fpm .. And what about Ruby?

Panel Members:

  • Jordan Sissel (Loggly)
  • Joshua Timberman (Opscode)
  • Phil Hollenback (Yahoo Mail)
  • Noah Campbell (DTO Solutions)

Moderator: Kris Buytaert (Inuits)

Panel: Orchestration at Scale - Command and Control Strategies


You started out with 10 machines and now you have 10,000. Beyond contemporary configuration management and 'ssh in a for loop', How do you describe, interact with and coordinate actions at scale? How does truth differ from reality?

Panel Members:

  • John Vincent (Noah)
  • Alex Honor (DTO Solutions - RunDeck)
  • Michael Hale (Heroku)
  • Yan Pujante (LinkedIn)
  • James Turnbull (PuppetLabs - mcollective)

Moderator: John Willis (DTO Solutions)

Panel: DevOps Metrics and Measurement


Leads to the metrics that we believe are critical to creating the full-on operational feedback loop. This is more than monitoring... and needs to get explored. This also will help pull the discussion to the development end.

Panel Members:

  • Alexis Lê-Quôc (Datadog)
  • Patrick Debois (Jedi)
  • Vladimir Vuksan (Broadcom)
  • Brian Doll (New Relic)
  • Laurie Denness (Etsy)
  • Andrew Shafer (Cloudscaling)

Moderator: John Allspaw (Etsy)

Panel: DevOps … Where is the QA


Panel discussion

We're an inch away from automating everything. We test everything and yet, increasingly, the role of traditional QA has changed. Is it time to redefine or even discard the role of QA?

Panel Members:

  • Kit Plummer (Maestrodev)
  • Pascal-Louis Perez (Wealthfront)
  • John Allspaw (Etsy)
  • Greg Albrecht (Splunk)
  • Kwsik Guruswamy (Mu Dynamics/ Blitz.io)

Moderator: John E. Vincent

Panel: Escaping the DevOps Echo Chamber


How the DevOps movement can gain momentum within the traditional IT ecosystem and more conservative enterprise shops.

Panel Members:

  • Gene Kim
  • Ernest Mueller (National Instruments)
  • Lee Thompson (HP)
  • Tom Grant (Forrester Research)
  • John Christian (TSYS)
  • Jez Humble (Thoughtworks)
  • John Alioto (Microsoft)

Moderator: Damon Edwards (DTO Solutions)

Short Talks

Short Talk: Josh Timberman on Kanban and Services Work


Joshua Timberman (Opscode) gives a short talk at DevOps Days Mountain View 2011 on using Kanban to deliver professional services.

Short Talk: Jason Cook on CDNs and avoiding caching problems


Jason Cook (Wikia/Fastly) give a short talk at Days Mountain View 2011 on caching and CDN issues.

Short Talk: Patrick DuBois on Why Vagrant Is Cool


Patrick Debois talking about Vagrant at DevOps Days Mountain View 2011.

Short Talk: Stefan Apitz on Linked In’s DevOps Journey


Stefan Apitz gives a short presentation at DevOps Days Mountain View 2011 about the ongoing DevOps journey at LinkedIn.

Ignite Talks

Ignite Talks: Five Minutes of Fame

A great lineup of Ignite style lightning talks at DevOps Days Mountain View 2011 by:

  • Wesley Beary (Engine Yard)
  • Michael Nygard (N6 Consulting / Author of "Release It!")
  • David Lutz (@dlutzy)
  • Stephen Nelson-Smith (Atalanta Systems / @LordCope)
  • Dominica DeGrandis (David J Anderson & Associates)
  • Jordan Sissel (Loggly/Logstash)
  • Gene Kim (Author of "Visible Ops" / @realgenekim)

Related Earlier DevOps Sessions (2011)

6/7/2011: Kohsuke Kawaguchi on Jenkins at SV DevOps Meetup


Kohsuke Kawaguchi presentation on Jenkins at the Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup on June 7, 2011 at Box.net in Palo Alto. Kohsuke is the founder of both the Hudson and the Jenkins open source projects.

5/25/2011: Mitchell Hashimoto on Vagrant at SF DevOps Meetup


Mitchell Hashimoto (creator of Vagrant) gives a quick overview of why Vagrant is important and then gets into some interesting and useful tips and tricks. Recorded at the San Francisco DevOps Meetup on May 25, 2011.

5/12/2011: Interop 2011 Panel: "DevOps and You"


DevOps panel at Interop in Las Vegas on May 12, 2011.

Panel Members:

Moderator: Mike Fratto (Network Computing Magazine)

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imageThanks to Damon Edwards (@damonedwards), curator of the dev2ops blog for his initial posts of these links.