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Giga Om Structure Conference 2011 - Links to Archived Videos for 6/23/2011

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imageGigaOm provided live video coverage of its Structure Conference 2011 (@stuctureconf), held on 6/22 and 6/23/2011 at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Mission Bay Conference Center. The live video is archived but not easy to find.

imageFollowing are links to the LiveStream archives for 6/23/2011. Three sessions were missing video archives as of 6/24/2011 10:00 AM PDT. This post will be updated if Giga Om posts the missing archives later.

Video archives for Wednesday: Giga Om Structure Conference 2011 - Links to Archived Videos for 6/22/2011 


9:05 AM: Cloud Storage: Moving Beyond Backup?

For a few years, cloud-based storage has been a ideal solution for backing up enterprise data, but a new breed of startups is trying to convince businesses to move their primary data into the cloud. This panel will examine whether the cloud can meet the performance, the security and cost requirements that businesses place on primary storage systems and what it will take to make the cloud an appealing option.

9:45 AM: The Telcos Are A-comin’

Some telling acquisitions will define 2011. Savvis and Terremark were bought by telcos, which are positioned with assets and operating structures that enable them to potentially do one thing very well: deliver computing as a utility service. We talk with Bob Toohey, the man at Verizon leading the division that will supply cloud services to its large body of enterprise customers. How high is Verizon aiming?

10:05 AM: The Next Frontier: Cloud Databases

One of the biggest challenges that remain is managing data in the cloud. While the need for database scalability, reliability and performance has always been an issue in computing, the cloud introduces new challenges such as elasticity, geographic distribution and multi-tenancy. It has become a breeding ground for a wave of new solutions, including database-as-a-service offerings. In this session, we will engage in a discussion with some of these cutting-edge companies. We’ll define what is a "true" cloud database is and explore the unique challenges of managing data in a cloud environment.

11:25 AM: Is Data Privacy a Make-or-Break Issue for Cloud Computing?

  • Speaker: Nolan Goldberg - Senior Counsel, IP and Technology, Proskauer LLP
  • Speaker: Michelle Quinn - Silicon Valley Correspondent, POLITICO Pro
  • Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Structure Editor and Staff Writer, GigaOM

Concerns ranging from consumer privacy to whether cloud-based data is entitled to Fourth Amendment protection have made data privacy one of the foremost legal issues facing cloud computing. This fireside chat will feature legal experts from both the cloud-provider and legal perspectives. We’ll explore what it will take to make all cloud stakeholders confident that their privacy needs are being met.

11:45 AM: The Promise of PaaS

PaaS has held out a lot of promise for a few years now: Write once, run forever. Radically accelerate the entire application lifecycle. Easily create applications based on new architectures. Traditionally, these benefits came from tightly integrated platforms but with the trade-off of limited choice in developer frameworks, application services, and IaaS providers. This panel will examine the different approaches between "integrated innovation" and "modular innovation" for the industry at large.

12:20 PM: DevOps - Reinventing the Developers Role in the Cloud Age (Part 1, partial) and Part 2.

The old way: Development teams created code and then handed off to the infrastructure group who would put the code on the machines and deploy them. The new way: In the age of the cloud, programmers can deploy code and scale infrastructure in four minutes with fixes that can take place on the fly. Overall efficiency...vastly improved. For DevOps to be a ubiquitous process enterprise-wide, some hurdles, such as policy or training, still have to be scaled. In this talk with two leading proponents, we talk about what still needs to be done and what benefits businesses will derive from embracing the DevOps way.

1:40 PM: Piecing Together the Next-Generation of the Cloud

What will the next generation of cloud and distributed computing systems look like? Who will create the systems that power them? We assemble some of the industry’s leading researchers to look at the operating systems needed for million-core-or-more systems, what needs distributed nodes will entail and what insights we can glean from early exascale data center projects. In this session, we look toward the future and shape the insights into the realities of what can be applied in the business world.

2:00 PM: The New Industry Platforms: Data, Social and The Value Added Stack

  • Speaker: Gavin Michael - Global Managing Director, R&D and Alliances, Accenture

The Accenture Technology Vision is a cross industry research project that takes stock of the evolving trends in IT and how they will impact business and society as a whole. In his presentation, Gavin will review this year's eight trends and focus on three major takeaways for the audience - Data as a platform, New value higher in the stack and Social Platforms as Intelligence sources.

2:10 PM: The Instrument of Cloud Monetization: The API

APIs are an important, but sometimes under-appreciated, potential source of income for cloud service providers. Although they don’t cost a dime, well-designed APIs can bring in hordes of developers that will help drive site traffic and popularity through the roof. These panelists are API experts at many levels and will share strategies for making more developers mean more money.

2:30 PM: Open Clouds: Can Anyone Agree?

  • Speaker: Jason Waxman - GM, High Density Computing, Data Center Group, Intel
  • Moderated by: Jason Hoffman - Founder and Chief Scientist, Joyent

Last year at Structure, Jason Waxman, Intel’s GM for High Density Computing, made the case for why Cloud Computing needs interoperability and standards. Over the past year, Intel helped to launch the Open Data Center Alliance and participated in numerous industry initiatives including Open Stack, Open Compute Project, Deltacloud, the DMTF’s cloud incubator just to name a few. We’ll talk with Jason about whether the industry is making progress or just further fragmenting, what are the top challenges that need to be addressed, and with all of these “open” projects, what the implications are for vendors and service providers.

2:50 PM: Dedicated, In More Ways than One: The IaaS Panel

Infrastructure as a service used to mean virtual machines running within a multitenant architecture, probably paid for with a credit with a credit card with a disclaimer of caveat emptor. My, how things have changed: this panel brings together leading IaaS providers to discuss how IaaS has evolved to include dedicated servers, and where this trend away from virtualization and economies of scale is headed.

4:00 PM: When the "Force" Meets PaaS

  • Speaker: Byron Sebastian - GM Heroku and, SVP, Platforms at
  • Moderated by: Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM
  • Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Structure Editor and Staff Writer, GigaOM

Salesforce's acquisition of pioneering PaaS platform Heroku raises many new questions in the SaaS industry. Is the acquisition for the cloud platform technology or the large developer base? Will Salesforce now push harder to be the core platform of choice for enterprise developers in the cloud? Is this a new strategic direction for the SaaS industry to follow? In this fireside chat Om Malik talks to Byron Sebastian of Heroku to explore future possibilities in the PaaS industry.

4:20 PM: From OpenFlow to Virtualized Networks

One of the hottest technologies around is virtualized networking. Based on the futuristic OpenFlow work from Stanford University, the technology promises a shake-up of the network infrastructure world. We talk to some of the leading startups in this area about deploying the technology in a big way. We ask what the technology is, what its applications are and what makes it so insanely great.

4:50 PM: Computers At the Crossroads: What Hardware Will Reign in the Clouds?

The hardware world is a changing. New scenarios seem possible as webscale and cloud computing companies take a hard look at their regular commodity hardware and find it lacking. High density server blades, Atom-based machines from SeaMicro, servers using cell phone chips, even specialty processors using hundreds of cores. Will any of these innovations make it big?

5:25 PM: The M&A Panel: A Year of Deals in Review and the Year Ahead

  • Speaker: Shekar Ayyar - VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, VMware
  • Speaker: Jonathan Becher - Interim CMO, SAP
  • Speaker: Debra Danielson - SVP, Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies
  • Speaker: John Dillon - CEO, Engine Yard
  • Speaker: Lorenzo De La Vega - VP, Business Development, Application & Integration Middleware, Software Group, IBM
  • Moderated by:Stephen Smith - Senior Managing Director, Arma Partners

Since 2008, we have seen a “cambrian explosion” of cloud and infrastructure companies. This now being followed by an M&A feeding frenzy, as the early leaders were gobbled up by the giants. In this panel, we assemble some of the leading M&A rockstars and review some of their biggest hits from last year. We will also look to the coming months and find out the types of deals they are sourcing and what technologies will be on their radar.


Unscheduled Interview

  • Speaker: Bernard Golden, CEO HyperStratus

Live-blogged stories from the event for June 23, 2011:

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