Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Windows Azure Uptime Report: OakLeaf Table Test Harness for October 2010 (99.91%)

Following is the Pingdom monthly report for a single instance of the OakLeaf Systems Windows Azure Table Test Harness running in Microsoft’s South Central US (San Antonio) data center:


The September 2010 downtime data is similar to that for the preceding month.

Following are monthly uptime results for Windows Azure since it began commercial operation on January 4, 2010:

Year Month Uptime Downtime Outages ResponseTime
2010 Jan 99.75% 1h 50m 02s 13 735ms
2010 Feb 99.99% 0h 04m 19s 1 734ms
2010 Mar 99.98% 0h 10m 00s 2 737ms
2010 Apr 99.71% 2h 05m 01s 6 782ms
2010 May 99.65% 2h 29m 59s 8 669ms
2010 Jun 99.65% 2h 29m 59s 8 660ms
2010 Jul 99.70% 2h 15m 01s 11 526ms
2010 Aug 99.96% 0h 19m 58s 3 521ms
2010 Sep 99.94% 0h 19m 57s 5 521ms
2010 Oct 99.91% 0h 40m 01s 2 535ms

Note that the OakLeaf application is not subject to Microsoft’s 99.9% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA), which requires two running instances.

Lack of system upgrades during February and March would explain the higher uptime percentage.

It will be interesting to see if the 28.5% reduction in response time from the first quarter to August and September continues for the remainder of the year.