Saturday, June 04, 2011

New Navigation Features for the OakLeaf Systems Blog

image As online Azure and cloud computing-related content continues to increase, the OakLeaf Systems blog is growing more lengthy. To make it easier for readers to navigate initial and updated content, I’ve added the following new features:

  • Updates identified by one, two or (possibly) three bullets to indicate their date and time
  • Author names for each update
  • Updated sections indicated by one or more bullets

Following is an example of the table of contents for the Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 6/3/2011+ item as of 6/4/2011 at 9:00 AM PDT:

• Updated 6/4/2011 or later with articles marked from Alik Levin, the Windows Azure Connect team, Azret Botash, Alex Popescu, Jnan Dash, and Me.

• Updated 6/3/2011 at 12:00 Noon PDT or later with articles marked from Klint Finley, Kenneth Chestnut, the Windows Azure OS Updates team, Steve Yi, Alex James, Peter Meister, Scott Densmore and the Windows Azure Team UK.

Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections:

To use the above links, first click the post’s title to display the single article you want to navigate.

Tip: To navigate between updates, copy a bullet to the Clipboard, press Ctrl+F and paste it to the text box. Copy two or three bullets if you only want to check latest updates.