Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Windows Azure and SQL Azure Sessions from TechEd Australia 2011

Following are links to videos and full descriptions of sessions in TechEd Australia 2011’s Cloud Computing and Online Services track as of 9/7/2011:

To The Cloud! A lap around the entire Windows Azure platform

  • imageSteven Nagy
  • COS211
  • Microsoft offers a variety of services under the Windows Azure Platform umbrella. This session will go through them all at a high level to help you catch up with what's happening outside your organisational boundaries. Be you IT Pro, Developer, or pointy haired boss, this session is not to be missed if you need to ramp up on Microsoft's premium cloud offering.

Cloud Bursting using HPC and Azure for on Demand Analytics

  • imageWard Britton
  • COS202
  • HPC and Azure are both emerging technologies which integrate together to provide a scalable, cost effective and on-demand compute power capability. This session covers using Excel to distrbute analytics to HPC, to provide significant compute power to the desktop and then goes on to describe the next evolution... Bursting to the cloud from HPC, to provide virtually unlimited, cost effective compute capacity to the desktop. This session is fact based. Drawn from a project that has recently been completed in a major Australian bank and covers refers to learnings gained from that initiative.

Go Large with SQL Azure Federations

  • imageChris HewittCloud Computing and Online Services (COS)
  • COS212
  • SQL Azure provides sophisticated data storage options for your cloud applications. We will explore the patterns and practices that help you develop and deploy applications that can exploit the full power of the elastic, highly available, and scalable SQL Azure Database service. The session details scalable application design techniques such as sharding and horizontal partitioning and dives into future enhancements to SQL Azure Databases. The term ‘NoSQL’ may be mentioned, and we will look at how SQL Azure Federations can benefit specific real world applications.

Developing with SQL Azure: Tools & Frameworks In Action

  • imageLynn Langit
  • COS203
  • This session will be filled with hands-on demonstrations using SQL Azure with new and existing tools. First I'll show how to get started with a SQL Azure account (database and object), then I'll walk through the tools such as SQL Server Management Studio, to view or modify those objects. Next I'll show Visual Studio to connect to .NET applications with Entity Framework, OData, and SQL Server Developer Tools (Codename "Juneau").

Surprisingly slim pickings for such an important new product category. The absence of sessions on new Window Azure AppFabric and Windows Azure diagnostics features is surprising. Hope //BUILD/ is better in this respect.