Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Hack at a Blogger Template for the New Oakleaf Mobile Blog

I’ve started learning Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight programming, but Blogger doesn’t offer mobile templates. So I’m working on a template for the new OakLeaf Mobile blog. Here’s the Windows Phone 7 Emulator displaying the first shot at the template:


I removed the NavBar with the old <!--<body></body> - -> trick (see Mobiforge’s Blogger Mobile post), set the body width to 800 px, and increased the date-header font size to 22px. You need to double-click (tap) a couple of times to set the displayed width correctly.

The OakLeaf Mobile blog will concentrate on data-centric Windows Phone 7 applications and infrastructure, with a emphasis on Windows Azure and SQL Azure data sources.

Obviously, I’ll need to adjust my blogging style to much shorter posts for mobile users. In the meantime, I’m hoping that Blogger wakes up and provides professionally-designed mobile-compliant templates for its service.

The original version of the preceding post is here.