Saturday, May 14, 2011

Very Short Grace Period for Free 30-Day Windows Azure Account Expiration?

On 5/14/2011 at 7:18 AM PDT I received the following two messages from the Windows Azure Pass Administration alias:



No grace period appears to have been given to collect my data, assuming I had any data to collect. No 30-day passes have appeared in the Windows Azure Developer Portal for my account ID in several months.

At one point, as I recall, 30-day trial users were given the option to extend the validity period by 15 days.

I don’t believe the CRM:0021692 and CRM:0021695 are account IDs; they appear to be sequential message IDs from Dynamics CRM 2011. Here’s the message I received for my last 30 day trial in 2010:


I found that signing up for one 30-day trial was a one-shot affair. Further signups for my account ID were blocked.

I also find it strange that I can’t remove long-deactivated BPOS trial subscriptions from my billing page:


Strange goings on in MOCP.