Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Uptime Report for My Windows Azure Web Services (Preview) Demo Site: May 2013 = 99.34%

My Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes blog provides technical details of low-cost MiniPCs with HDMI outputs running Android JellyBean 4.1+. The site emphasizes high-definition 1080p video recording and rendition techniques.

The blog runs WebMatrix 3 with WordPress 3.5.1 and a 1-GB ClearDB MySQL database on a single shared instance of the Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS) Preview in Microsoft’s West U.S. (San Francisco Bay Area) data center. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) aren’t applicable to Web Site Previews.

I implemented Word Press Super Cache to improve response time of the typical lengthy, fully illustrated articles. I use Windows Live Writer to author the posts.

Following is Pingdom’s uptime report for the month of May, 2013:


Note: Downtimes probably are less that reported because Pingdom interrogates the site at five-minute intervals.

Following is the first page of Pingdom’s graphical Downtime report for May 2013:


Note: WAWS was in preview when this report was generated, so the usual 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) doesn’t apply.

For details of some of the early uptime issues, see my Recurring HTTP 500/502 Errors with a Shared Windows Azure Website post of 4/30/2013.

Here’s the corresponding response time report:


Note: Implementing the Word Press Super Cache plug-in caused the abrupt decrease in response time on May 15.

This is the first of what I expect to be monthly reports, which will be similar in format to those of my Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: MMMM YYYY = ###.##% reports:

Month Year Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time
May 2013 99.58% 03:05 32 3003 ms

Note: Downtime has been reduced substantially starting 6/3/2013 as shown in this partial report for June 2013:


I have no explanation for the 01:20 downtime on 6/10/2013.