Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oracle Offers Database, Java and Fusion Apps Slideware in Lieu of Public Cloud

Oracle’s Public Cloud site includes a video describing a development team’s need to get an enterprise-grade “mission critical” application running in the cloud within 60 days. The problem is that the team must register to be notified when the Oracle Public Cloud will become available. There’s no clue from the site when a release might occur. Presumably, the initial release will be in preview or beta form.

The slideware is an impressive example of cloudwashing:

imageClick for larger image.

A more accurate Database slogan would be “The Oracle database you love, in the cloud someday.”

According to Oracle’s 10/5/2011 Oracle Unveils Oracle Public Cloud press release from Oracle Openworld, “Pricing for the Oracle Public Cloud will be based on a monthly subscription model, and each service can be purchased independently of other services.” Obviously, this pricing model will make it difficult for prospective users to compare its cost with competitive offerings from Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure/SQL Azure, and Rackspace, all of which charge hourly for computing resources and by the GB for data storage and egress.

I’ve requested to be notified of updates and will report if and when I hear anything concrete from Oracle.