Monday, December 31, 2012

Using the OakLeaf ToDo List App with Windows 8 or a Surface RT Tablet

The OakLeaf ToDo List app is a simple, multi-tenanted application intended to demonstrate the basic capabilities of Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMoS) in conjunction with data storage in a Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure) instance in Microsoft’s West US (Bay Area) data center. The app is available without charge to Windows 8 and Windows RT users from the OakLeaf Store.

You’ll find OakLeaf’s Terms of Service and Use for the App here and our Privacy Statement here.

To test drive the app with Windows 8 or Windows RT, do the following:

1. Click the OakLeaf ToDo List tile to momentarily display a splash screen:

imageImages were capture from a Surface RT device. Click to display them in full size.

and then open a Sign In page:


Note: Privacy and Terms link to a Microsoft privacy statement for Microsoft Accounts and terms of service for Microsoft-branded services, not the app’s privacy and terms statements required for Windows Store apps. Other authentication options provided by Windows Azure Access Control services are Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts.

2. Complete the sign-in information and click Sign in to display the following permissions screen, if you haven’t used your Windows Account for the app previously:


3. Click Sign In or Yes to display an acknowledgment screen with a GUID representing your Microsoft Account name:


4. Click OK to display the main (and only) user screen, which displays uncompleted ToDo items (see item 22 in the todoitem table screen capture above:


5. Type a ToDo item in the Insert a TodoItem text box and click the Save button to display a push notification and add the item to the Query and Update Data list:


6. Click the check box of items in the Query and Update Data list to mark it completed and remove it from the list.

7. Click the Refresh button to list currently uncompleted ToDo items.