Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Uptime Report for My Juneteenth Celebration Windows Azure Shared Website - October 2013: 99.70%

imageMy (@rogerjenn) Juneteenth Celebration Web site is a static archive of a 1998 blog for Chump Change Records and the Park Place band, which were music organizations headquartered in Oakland, CA during 1988.

The archive is a WordPress blog running on a single Windows Azure Web Site instance in Shared mode running in Microsoft’s US West data center. Shared sites don’t qualify for Windows Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs.)

This is the third site for which monthly uptime and response time reports are published on the OakLeaf Systems blog. The other two are:

OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: Two instances of a Windows Azure Cloud Services Web Role running in Microsoft’s US South Central data center Latest report
Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes: A single instance of a Windows Azure Web Site in Shared Mode with lengthy posts having many sizable images running in the US West data center Latest report

The purpose of this series of reports is to compare uptime and response times of this blog’s lightweight, static text documents with the substantially weightier Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes posts, which are updated frequently.

Here’s Pingdom’s first summary uptime and response time data for October 2013:


Downtimes shorter than five minutes are exaggerated because Pingdom interrogates the site every five minutes.

The following table contains a summary of monthly Pingdom reports:

Month Year Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time
October 2013 99.70% 02:14:58 7 1,187 ms