Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Links to My Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Articles for Developer.com

OakLeafLogo96pxI’m a contributor to the Cloud category on Internet.com’s Developer.com site. Following are links to my articles to date:

Date Title
7/10/2013 Uptime Report for My Live Windows Azure Web Site: June 2013
7/8/2013 Windows Azure Sessions at Microsoft’s Wordwide Partner Conference 2013
6/9/2013 99.58% Uptime with Android MiniPCs, Azure, and WordPress
6/3/2013 Microsoft’s “Understanding the Microsoft Cloud” White Paper Misses the Windows Azure IaaS Boat
5/7/2013 Uptime Report for My Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project
5/4/2013 Recurring HTTP 500/502 Errors with a Shared Windows Azure Website
4/9/2013 Windows Azure Sessions at Microsoft Management Summit 2013
4/1/2013 Azure and Cloud Posts for 3/28/2012+
3/29/2013 Using Windows SkyDrive and Microsoft Office Web Apps with UG007 Androi 4.1.1 MiniPc
2/25/2013 Windows Azure Armageddon
1/5/2013 Running the SurveyApplicationCS Demo Project under Android Jelly Bean 4.2
12/24/2012 Windows Azure Cloud Computing Posts for 12/17/2012
10/8/2012 A Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch App with Real-World Data
9/20/2012 Windows Azure Mobile Services Preview Walkthrough–Part 5: Distributing Your App From the Windows Store
9/12/2012 Windows 8 ToDo Demo Walkthrough - Part 1
9/10/2012 Authenticating Your Windows 8 App Users with Azure Mobile Services
9/4/2012 Uptime Report for My Azure Table Services Sample Project: August 2012 = 99.92 %
8/31/2012 Introducing Apache Hadoop Services for Windows Azure
7/11/2012 The AWS Management Console: Elastic MapReduce Hive Workflow
6/28/2012 7 Tutorials on Big Data in the Cloud
6/21/2012 Hadoop on Azure: Hive and Amazon Elastic MapReduce
6/12/2012 Installing Remote Desktop Services on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine Running Windows Servier 2012 RC
6/4/2012 100% Uptime for May 2012 Azure Table Services Sample Project
6/1/2012 Executing an Elastic MapReduce Hive Workflow from the AWS Management Console
5/23/2012 Trying Out the New Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Excel Add-In
5/13/2012 Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project : April 2012
5/9/2012 How to Create an Incremental SQL Azure Data Source for U.S. Air Carrier Flight Delays Dataset
5/7/2012 Two Months of U.S. Air Carrier Flight Delay Data Available on the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket
4/24/2012 How to Upgrade SkyDrive Account's Free Storage to Prevent Quota Reduction
4/23/2012 Microsoft Codename “Data Transfer” and “Data Hub” May Not Be Ready for Big Data
4/20/2012 Windows Azure Outages in South Central US Data Center
4/18/2012 Importing Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket DataSets to Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure’s Hive Databases
4/10/2012 How to Use Windows Azure Blobs Data w/ Hadoop on Azure CTP
3/21/2012 Analyzing FAA Air Traffic Datasets Using Cloud Numerics
3/9/2012 Recent Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts in 12 Categories
2/28/2012 Windows Azure Gains an Enhanced Developer Experience
1/31/2012 Cloud Computing: How to Gain Peace of Mind with Spending Limits

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