Monday, December 26, 2011

More Features and the Download Link for My Codename “Social Analytics” WinForms Client Sample App

Update 12/26/2011 9:40 AM PST: You can download the live Excel Web Services worksheet  (WebApp) from my SkyDrive account by clicking here (see end of post.)

Update 12/21/2011: Added an embedded Excel Web Services worksheet from my SkyDrive account (see end of post). The worksheet was created from ContentItems.csv with a graph having a linear (rather than logarithmic) abcissa by the process described in Microsoft’s Excel Mashups site.

Instead of updating yesterday’s New Features Added to My Microsoft Codename “Social Analytics” WinForms Client Sample App post, I’ve added this new post which shows:

  • Change from numeric to text values from the ContentItemType enum
  • A Cancel button to terminate downloading prematurely
  • Addition of Replies to the Return Tweets, Retweets and Replies Only check box

Here’s an earlier screen capture:


Download the source files from the Social Analytics folder of my SkyDrive account:


The downloadable items are:

  • SocialAnalyticsWinFormsSampleReadMe.txt
  • The source files in
  • A sample ContentItems.csv file for 23 days of data (92,668 total ContentItems).

Earlier posts in this series include:

Update: Embedded Excel Web Services Worksheet

The Excel Mashups site describes uploading Excel workbooks to your SkyDrive account, sharing it, and adding a generated <embed> element to your own Website. Here’s the default embedded ContentItems worksheet for 11/1/2011 to 12/14/2011: 

Update 12/26/2011 9:40 AM PST: You can download the ExcelWebApp from my SkyDrive account by clicking here.

Clicking a button at the bottom right of the worksheet performs one of the following actions:

  1. Download the worksheet
  2. Tell Microsoft about your experience with the embedded Excel Web App
  3. Get information (URL and embed code) for this workbook
  4. View full-sized workbook (see below)

Here’s the full-sized workbook:


Notice the automatic reversal of Published On dates to ascending from the desk top client’s descending order.

Here’s the worksheet configuration page for the embedded ExcelWebApp above:


Note: The help files for publicly sharing a folder containing the source *.xlsx file for the embedded ExcelWebApp hasn’t caught up with recent SkyDrive updates. To share a folder publicly:

1. Right click the folder line in the list and choose share to open the Share “Folder Name” dialog.

2. Click the Get a Link item in the dialog’s navigation list and click the lower Get A Link button to generate a public link:


3. Close the dialog. (You don’t need to paste the link, unless you want to add it to your Web site.)