Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Social meet up on Twitter for MEET Windows Azure on June 7th

• Updated 5/17/2012 with the current MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay members.

Magnus Mårtensson (@noopman) posted on 5/16/2012 an article of the above name, which begins:

imageHere’s a perhaps rather redundant event for you but it should be kind of fun: MEET Windows Azure on Twitter (+ Beer). The idea is to list people who have a twitter account and intend to follow the MEET Windows Azure event via live streaming on June 7th (1pm PDT).

So see you online for the event on the 7th! My Twitter handle is @noopman!

imageHere are the current MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay members as of 3/17/2012 (in order of joining):

Thanks to @noopman!