Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Links to Channel 9’s Video Archives of the Online Windows Azure Conf of 11/14/2012

From Channel 9’s Windows Azure Conf 2012 article of 11/14/2012 with minor edits for tense adjustment:

This online event featured a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie, along with numerous sessions executed by Windows Azure community members. After the keynote, two concurrent sets of sessions were streamed live for an online audience right here on Channel 9.

imageThe videos of these sessions allow you to see how developers just like you are using Windows Azure to develop applications in the cloud. Community members from all over the world joined Scott in the Channel 9 studios to present their own ideas, innovations inventions and experiences.

imageThese archives will provide you the opportunity to see how your peers in the community are doing great things using Windows Azure offerings like Mobile Services, Web Sites, Service Bus, Virtual Machines, and more.

Windows Azure OverviewWindows Azure Overview: Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie will kick off the Windows Azure Conf by presenting an overview of Windows Azure. Scott will demonstrate how to build a wide variety of applications ranging from web sites, mobile applications, and multi-tier cloud services. He will also highlight several of the new Windows Azure featur...

AzureConfBuildSpeedyAzureAppsRickGaribay_220[1]Build Speedy Azure Applications with HTML 5 and Web Sockets Today: Rick Garibay

In the world of HTML5 development, interoperability is king. Unfortunately, sometimes interoperability can be at the expense of performance. With support for bi-directional, full-duplex messaging simply out of the reach of the HTTP protocol, messaging support in HTML5 can be severely limited. Fortun...

Windows Azure Mobile Services - Backend for Your Windows 8, iOS, and Android Apps

Windows Azure Mobile Services - Backend for Your Windows 8, iOS, and Android Apps: Sasha Goldshtein

Mobile app developers don't need to care about servers and clouds, push notification services and databases. Windows Azure Mobile Services is a cloud-based offering that provides a complete backend for mobile apps including data access and push notifications, enabling you to focus on the mobile app ...

Solving Security and Compliance Challenges with Hybrid Clouds

Solving Security and Compliance Challenges with Hybrid Clouds: Eric Boyd

When considering public clouds, many industries and companies have concerns about security, intellectual property and regulatory compliance challenges. The good news is a hybrid cloud can often solve these challenges. In this session, Eric D. Boyd will teach you how to use Windows Azure and still pr...

Windows Azure Services Throttling and Fault Handling

Windows Azure Services Throttling and Fault Handling: Mihai Tataran

In this session you will understand how Windows Azure components being exposed as services from a multi-tenant environment can throttle or generate transient faults because of heavy loads on the resources in Microsoft’s datacenters, or because of networking problems. Then you will find out how to de...

Windows Azure + Twilio == A Happy Tale to Tell

Windows Azure + Twilio == A Happy Tale to Tell: Panagiotis Kefalidis

Taking advantage of Twilio’s awesomeness and Windows Azure’s scalability, we decided to build a phone and SMS center in the cloud. It was finished with some salt from ASP.NET MVC Web API and bonded with SignalR and knockout.js. The end result was tasty and I’m here to share the tale and the recipe o...

Elevating Windows Azure Deployments

Elevating Windows Azure Deployments: Michael Collier

One of the core tenet for working with cloud services is automation. When it comes to deploying our new cloud solutions, we want to automate the process as much as possible. Though Visual Studio and the Windows Azure online management portal make deployments pretty easy, they don't automate the depl...

Building Elastic, Autoscalable Solutions with Windows Azure

Building Elastic, Autoscalable Solutions with Windows Azure: Mihai Tataran

In this session you will learn how to implement true elasticity for your Windows Azure solutions. You will see how to automate the scaling of your Worker/Web Role instances depending on predictable usage patterns. Whether you expect high load during business hours and low load during the nights, or ...

Continuous Delivery Zen with Windows Azure

Continuous Delivery Zen with Windows Azure: Magnus Martensson

Ever felt that you spend more time packing deployments, configuring test environments and deploying the latest build in order to please the testers than you spend writing actual code? Had your flow interrupted by the boss wanting a demo environment set up for a customer demo? Fortunately built into ...

Building Cross-Platform Media Apps using Windows Azure Media Services

Building Cross-Platform Media Apps using Windows Azure Media Services: Eric Boyd

Applications with rich video and audio are increasing popular, but preparing and delivering this media to consumers has historically required lots of costly infrastructure and setup. Windows Azure Media Services enables you to outsource your media management to the cloud to let you focus on developi...

Windows Azure and Embedded Devices

Windows Azure and Embedded Devices: Andy Cross

The vast majority of future digital exhaust will be from devices. Smaller (cheaper) devices are increasing in capability and exist purely to monitor and transmit information about their environment.

JavaScript, Meet Cloud: Node.js on Windows AzureJavaScript, Meet Cloud: Node.js on Windows Azure: Sasha Goldshtein

Node.js is an incredibly popular open-source framework for writing event-based server applications in JavaScript. With hundreds of modules and vibrant ecosystem, Node.js is quickly catching up to other server-based frameworks, and makes it extremely easy to deploy Web applications. The June 2012 ref...