Thursday, October 02, 2008

Google’s New Blogsearch Memetracker is a Fail

Google’s new blog memetracker feature, which allegedly competes with Techmeme and Technorati, found only 16 posts as of 10/2/2008 about the "Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server" topic. Although it appeared briefly on Techmeme, my Amazon Adds SQL Server to Oracle and MySQL as EC2 Relational Database Management Systems wasn’t one of them. (The number of posts varied from 14 to 17.)

What’s really strange is no entry for Werner VogelsExpanding the Cloud: Microsoft Windows Server on Amazon EC2 post of 9/30/2008 or Jeff Barr’s Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 With Windows Amazon Web Services blog post of 10/1/2008, which are authoritative for this topic.

It’s clear to me that Google Blog Search’s memetracker isn’t a Techmeme killer, as ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick suggests in his Google Blogsearch Relaunches as Techmeme Killer, Across 11 Categories post of 10/1/2008.

But it might be a Technorati killer in the long term as Mashable’s Adam Ostrow claims in his Google Blog Search Deals Technorati a Knockout Punch With New Homepage post of 10/1/2008. Technorati has done its best to immolate with a recent server meltdown, as reported in my Technorati Troubles Continue post of 9/19/2008 (updated) and earlier Technorati Contracts Twitteritis post of 9/15/2008.

Update 10/5/2008: Technorati hasn’t pinged the OakLeaf site in five six days and their spider isn’t responding to manual pings. Technorati started pinging the OakLeaf site on 10/5/2008 after a seven days’ outage. (Thanks, Technorati!)

Update 10/2/2008 3:30 PM PDT: By the time I posted this article, the number of Google’s posts was down to 11 in the past 14 hours.