Friday, September 12, 2008

Technorati Contracts Twitteritis

The Technorati folks made the following announcement on Twitter last night:

Technorati web site went down around 9:40pm Pacific time. We're working on it.

When I attempted to open the LINQ tag page this morning, I received this message:

Does Technorati have it in for me?

Update 9/13/2008: At about 9:00 PM PDT on 9/12/2008, Twitter posted the following tweet:

It's been a busy last 16 hours and we're not quite there yet. Getting closer to fully restoring the web site. Thanks for your patience. about 17 hours ago from web

Followed by this announcement at 10:38 PDT the same night:

Technorati is back. A major bout with bots. This round, Technorati. Grueling and thanks to the team.

However, tag feeds still aren’t working.

Update 9/15/2008: Mashable’s Rob Diana posted Technorati: How the Mighty Have Fallen, which remarks about how little ruckus was raised when Technorati was down for over 12 hours. However, their search didn’t pick up my 15 Twitter posts with Technorati problems as the subject. Click here for all five posts about Technorati troubles.

Tag feeds still aren’t working.