Tuesday, July 29, 2008

“A Vote for Transparency” Guest Opinion for Visual Studio Magazine’s August 2008 Issue

My “Guest Opinion: A Vote for Transparency” about Entity Framework’s overdue move to more transparency in its design process for the August 2008 issue of Visual Studio Magazine is available from the above link or by clicking the cover image.

Pablo Castro originated a more open approach for developer participation in a new product’s early design stage with his Transparency in the design process methodology for ADO.NET Data Services (formerly code-named Astoria.)

My take is that the Data Programmability group’s Entity Framework team could have saved themselves considerable grief, consternation, and bad press if they had initiated the Entity Data Model and Entity Framework project with the Astoria Team’s approach.

Note: See my Current Commentary About the “ADO.NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence” Manifesto post of June 28, 2008 and Stephen Forte’s Impedance Mismatch Post Elicits Responses from Domain-Driven Designers of July 27, 2008 for more about the “bad press.”

I also recommend that the SQL Server Data Services (SSDS team) increase the transparency in their design process in my SQL Server Data Services Needs an Open Development Process Similar to that for ADO.NET Data Services and Entity Framework post of June 27, 2008.