Wednesday, July 16, 2008

“Data Dilemma” Cover Story for Redmond Developer News’ July 15 Issue

My “Data Dilemma” cover story, sub-titled “Mapping a strategy for Microsoft's new data-programming models” for the July 15, 2008 issue of Redmond Developer News covers the ADO.NET data technologies included in Visual Studio 2008’s forthcoming Service Pack 1: ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services (formerly codenamed “Astoria”), and ASP.NET Dynamic Data.

The article includes a couple of sidebars:

The issue also has related items:

Mike’s Q & A session outlines plans for the use of Entity Framework as a future data source for data synchronization and reporting services.

For more than the single anonymous reader’s response to the “ADO.NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence,” see Current Commentary About the “ADO.NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence” Manifesto of June 28, 2008 (updated 7/8/2008.)



Anonymous said...

Roger, enjoy your blog and looking forward to your upcoming book on LINQ and the EF. Will it cover LINQ to SQL also (I don't want to make any assumptions). I prefer LINQ to SQL over LINQ to EF, and really hope LINQ to SQL doesn't get shelved in favor of the EF. It would have been nice if Microsoft opened up the provider/dialect to other database vendors for LINQ to SQL. LINQ to SQL just feels more compact and lightweight for my needs and it's fun to use also. The EF on the other hand is daunting and at times confusing because it's so large. LINQ to SQL allows me to get as close to persistence ignorance as I am comfortable with. Do you have any insider knowledge on the future of LINQ to SQL?

Roger Jennings (--rj) said...


I'm not sanguine about the future of LINQ to SQL. The SQL Server Data Programming group is placing all their bets on Entity Framework and devoting little or no energy to LINQ to SQL. (One dev I know is working on LINQ to SQL, but I have no knowledge of what he's working on.)

See for more details on LINQ to SQL's pugatorial status.