Thursday, May 10, 2012

Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: April 2012

My live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project demo runs two small Windows Azure Web role instances from Microsoft’s South Central US (San Antonio, TX) data center. I didn’t receive (or misplaced) the usual Pingdom Monthly Report for April, so here’s the detailed uptime report from for April 2012:


This is the first case of monthly uptime below the 99.95% minimum Windows Azure Compute Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee since upgrading the sample app to two instances. My Flurry of Outages on 4/19/2012 for my Windows Azure Tables Demo in the South Central US Data Center post updated 4/30/2012 provides details about the outage on 4/19/2012 and its root cause analysis.

Following is detailed Pingdom response time data for the month of March 2012:


This is the eleventh uptime report for the two-Web role version of the sample project. Reports will continue on a monthly basis.

Month Year Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time
April 2012 99.28% 05:10:08 12 795 ms
March 2012 99.96% 00:20:00 1 767 ms
February 2012 99.92% 00:35:00 2 729 ms
January 2012 100.00% 00:00:00 0 773 ms
December 2011 100.00% 00:00:00 0 765 ms
November 2011 99.99% 00:05:00 1 708 ms
October 2011 99.99% 00:04:59 1 720 ms
September 2011 99.99% 00:05:00 1 743 ms
August 2011 99.98% 00:09:57 2 687 ms
July 2011 100.00% 00:00:00 0 643 ms
June 2011 100.00% 00:00:00 0 696 ms

The Azure Table Services Sample Project

See my Republished My Live Azure Table Storage Paging Demo App with Two Small Instances and Connect, RDP post of 5/9/2011 for more details of the Windows Azure test harness instance.


image_thumb7I believe this project is the oldest continuously running Windows Azure application. I first deployed it in November 2008 when I was writing Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform for Wiley/WROX, which was the first book published about Windows Azure.

The application runs the default set of Windows Azure Diagnostics. About 5 GB of Event Counter data provides the source data for my Generating Big Data for Use with SQL Azure Federations and Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure Clusters post of 1/8/2012.

For more details about the Table Services Sample project or to download its source code, visit its Microsoft Pinpoint entry. Following are Pinpoint listings for three other related OakLeaf sample projects, two of which are live in the South Central US data center: