Friday, April 13, 2012

OakLeaf Live Windows Azure Applications: Azure Tables and SQL Azure Reporting Services Demos

Updated 4/14/2012 with added Figure 2 from my Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform book, BigData from Windows Azure storage analytics/diagnostics, and passing Microsoft Platform Ready tests to apply the Powered by Windows Azure logo.

Following are reduced versions of ~1,024 x 768-pixel screen captures of my two live Windows Azure demonstration applications that currently run in Microsoft’s South Central US (San Antonio, TX) data center. Click the images for full-size versions:


Figure 1. I believe the first OakLeaf Windows Azure Table Services Sample Project of August 2009 is the oldest continuously running Windows Azure application.

It was featured in my Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform book for Wiley/Wrox, which was the first book published about Windows Azure. It hit the shelves in October 2009, just before Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2009:


Figure 2. The original version of my demo app for Windows Azure table storage for Google Book’s partial copy of Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform.

The app has run two instances since mid-2011 and is the source of data for my monthly uptime reports; the latest one when this post was written was Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: March 2012. The 30 GB of storage analytics/diagnostics that have accumulated provide the BigData source for several articles, including Generating Big Data for Use with SQL Azure Federations and Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure Clusters of 18/2012.


Figure 3. I added this SQL Azure Reporting Services (SARS) demo app in October 2011 after the PASS conference.

The Walkthrough link leads to my PASS Summit: SQL Azure Reporting Services Preview and Management Portal Walkthrough - Part 1 post of 10/22/2011.


Figure 4. Scroll down to display 2-D and 3-D pie charts of top Adventure Works customers’ purchases.


Figure 5. Pages 2 through 4 are tabular lists of sales by customer and product category.

The SQL Reporting Services Demo app runs in a Windows Azure Subscription funded by a Microsoft Platform Ready benefit, which only covers a single compute instance running continuously. Testing Windows Azure applications with the Platform Ready Test Tool and receiving a passing grade is required to add the Powered by Windows Azure logo to the app.