Friday, April 27, 2012

OakLeaf Systems Site Is Creeping up on 1,000,000 Pageviews

OakLeafLogoMVP100pxJust looked Blogger’s new Stats page for the OakLeaf Systems site and found it’s had 947,476 pageviews in its history. Pageviews appear to be running consistently close to 60,000 per month, which encourages me to continue publishing it.


DZone SyndicationAn editor at DZone, a syndicator of selected OakLeaf blog posts, reported today: “Our DZone readers are really enjoying your content - your posts regularly get over 1,000 views within a couple days of getting republished.”

I’m not sure what the chart above measures, perhaps it’s average pageviews per post. Another question is “Where is Google in the Traffic Sources list?” Here’s the answer:


As expected, “cloud computing” is the most popular search term:


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