Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Links to My Cloud Computing Tips at TechTarget’s SearchCloudComputing and Other Search… Sites

OakLeafLogo100pxI’m a regular contributor of tips and techniques articles for Windows Azure apps development and DevOps strategy to TechTarget’s (@TechTarget) SearchCloudComputing site, and an occasional contributor of articles to their SearchSQLServer and SearchCloudApplications sites. Article require free registration to read in full.

The following table lists the topics I’ve covered to date:

Date Title
11/27/2013 Visual Studio 2013 launch brings free Azure-based VSO preview: Visual Studio Online
10/31/2013 Five things every cloud developer needs to know about Windows Azure: Best practices for Azure developers
10/5/2013 Microsoft continues to improve Windows Azure autoscaling features, catches up with Amazon Web Services
8/15/2013 Unlock Windows Azure Development in Visual Studio 2013 Preview (.NET SDK 2.1 for Windows Azure)
8/??/2013 Integrate Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds with Windows Azure Pack’s Management Portal (in editing)
7/15/2013 Pay-As-You-Go Windows Azure BizTalk Services Changes EAI and EDI (“Changes” was “Democratizes” in my original version.)†
4/30/2013 Windows Azure competes with AWS, pushes more frequent, granular updates (Windows Azure IaaS GA, 4/26/2013 updates, SDK for .NET 2.0)
4/10/2013 HDInsight Service Preview for Azure debunks Hadoop's big data analytics angle (Store Hadoop data in Azure Storage Vault instead of HDFS)
1/22/2013 Build Device-Agnostic Data-Driven Apps for the Cloud with Visual Studio LightSwitch (HTML Client Preview 2, SharePoint Online Apps and Windows Azure Web Sites)
10/31/2012 Windows Azure Mobile Services creates backends for Windows 8, iPhone
9/13/2012 Windows Azure Services allows multi-tenant IaaS cloud (Windows Azure Services for Windows Server)
8/24/2012 Windows Azure updates create full-service cloud (New “Spring Wave” features)
7/19/2012 Windows Azure Active Directory enables single sign-on with cloud apps
7/12/2012 Tips for deploying SQL Azure Federations (for
6/25/2012 Analyzing 'big data' with Microsoft [Codename] Cloud Numerics 
6/18/2012 Choosing SaaS applications for PaaS clouds* (Added-value/third-party apps)
6/18/2012 The battle for cloud services: Microsoft vs. Amazon* (Hadoop implementations)
6/11/2012 Windows Azure updates create full-service cloud (“Spring Wave” Upgrade)
5/1/2012 Big data buzz gets louder with Apache Hadoop and Hive (Hadoop on Azure)
4/5/2012 Manage, query SQL Azure Federations using T-SQL (for
3/28/2012 Tips for deploying SQL Azure Federations (for
3/24/2012 Examining the state of PaaS in the year of ‘big data’
1/24/2012 Microsoft cloud service lets citizen developers crunch big data (“Data Explorer”)
12/1/2011 Microsoft tests Social Analytics experimental cloud (Codename “Social Analytics”)
11/7/2011 Google, IBM, Oracle want piece of big data in the cloud
9/15/2011 Developments in the Azure and Windows Server 8 pairing (from //BUILD/)
9/8/2011 DevOps: Keep tabs on cloud-based app performance (Resources links)
8/2011 Microsoft's, Google's big data [analytics] plans give IT an edge (Resources links)
7/2011 Connecting cloud data sources with the OData API
7/2011 Sharding relational databases in the cloud
6/2011 Choosing a cloud data store for big data
4/2011 Microsoft brings rapid application development to the cloud
3/2011 How DevOps brings order to a cloud-oriented world
2/2011 Choosing from the major Platform as a Service providers
2/2011 How much are free cloud computing services worth?

* For
† For

imageUpdated 4/5/2012 for the second SQL Federations article on

imageI’ll update this table with new articles as the SearchCloudComputing editors post them.

Links to my cover stories for 1105 Media’s Visual Studio Magazine from November 2003 to the present, including My “Big Data in the Cloud” Cover Article for Visual Studio Magazine’s July 2012 Issue, are here.