Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updated Source Code for OakLeaf Systems’ Azure Table Services Sample Project Available to Download

As promised in my recent update to Azure Storage Services Test Harness: Table Services 1 – Introduction and Overview, the project’s C# source code is available for download as from my Windows Live Skydrive account.


From the Readme.txt File for the Updated Windows Azure SampleWebCloudService Project:

This project was developed originally for Visual Studio Magazine's "Retire Your Data Center" article in the February 2009 issue.

See the Azure Storage Services Test Harness: Table Services 1 – Introduction and Overview and succeeding blog entries for more details about this project.

1a. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with Visual Web Developer or
1b. Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Edition
2. Windows Azure SDK v1.2 or later
3. Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio v1.2 or later
4. SQL Server 2005 or later Express edition (for Development Storage table database)

This project is initially configured to run under the Windows Azure SDK v1.2's Development Fabric with Development Storage for Azure Tables


1. Extract the archive to a \SampleWebCloudService folder and subfolders.

2. Choose [All Programs], Start, Windows Azure SDK, Developer Storage to start the service.

3. Open the project in VS 2010 and press F5 to compile and run it in the Development Fabric.

4. Click Create Customers to populate the local CustomerTable.

5. Deploy the project to Windows Azure by following the steps in the article or in "Deploying a Service on Windows Azure" by Jim Nakashima (

The original vintage 2008/2009 code is in the Backup folder.