Thursday, November 18, 2010

Load-Testing the OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project with up to 25 LoadStorm Users

LoadStorm describes its services, which run in Amazon Web Services’ EC2 service, as follows:

LoadStorm™ is a set of on-demand web application testing tools. These software testing tools are designed from the ground up to simulate large numbers of users for load testing and performance testing. And the best part? It's very cost-effective.

LoadStorm offers a free load-testing account with up to 25 users. I was intrigued by LoadStorm’s approach to customizing application loading so, I opened a free account for testing the OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project on 11/18/2010. I added the required validation string as an HTML comment to Default.aspx and redeployed the project. The first test increased from 5 to 25 users over a period of five minutes and executed Next Page and First Page commands for each user session:

Here’s the page the appeared during execution of the load test (click images for full-size captures):


Here’s the final analysis after the test completed:


Notice that the tests only generated 4 MB of traffic, so bandwidth charges will be very small.

I plan to try additional tests later this week with more computationally intensive operations, such as deleting and recreating the 91 customer records.

Stay tuned.