Monday, March 12, 2007

Updated LINQ SampleQueries and New LINQ to XML in VB Video

Charlie Calvert has posted a further update to the March 5, 2007 version of the C# SampleQueries for the VS Orcas March 2007 CTP. The new update, which you can download here or from Charlie's blog, includes about 101 LINQ to Entities queries, which were missing from the earlier update.

According to Charlie, the latest update contains:

  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML
  • LINQ to XML Part II
  • LINQ to DataSet
  • LINQ to Entities

Andrew Conrad (of ObjectSpaces fame) notes that Erick Thompson posted on March 6, 2007 workarounds for the first set of updates.

Paul Vick provides a heads up for a new Channel9 video about VB 9.0's LINQ to XML features for Orcas. The 12:47 "LINQ to XML API and VB 9.0" segment shows lead developer David Schach's VB 9.0 application that creates a weekly RSS feed for new photographs on his Web site. Hopefully, VB's LINQ for XML API can be used for something other than RSS feeds.

Slightly Off-Topic

Scott Wisniewski, a developer on the VB 9 Compiler Team has posted the sixth a series of articles on the new extension methods included in Visual Basic 9.0's "Orcas" release: Extension Methods Best Practices.

The first installment of Granville Barnett's "Introducing LINQ" series appeared today on Granville says the article covers:

  • Querying of in-memory collections
  • A subset of the standard query operators
  • Compiler generated code including a discussion on "under the covers" compiler behaviour like cached anonymous delegates and delegates
  • Lambda Expressions