Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LINQ to SQL Feature Article in VSJ Magazine (UK)

"Next generation data access with LINQ" by UK developer Granville Barnett is a feature article about LINQ to SQL in VSJ Magazine's February 2007 issue. VSJ is a print publication that offers .NET coverage similar to 1105 Media's Visual Studio Magazine but—like the former FTP newsletters—includes articles in Java, XML and Web Services, Database, and Architecture Zones.

Update 4/25/2007: VSJ Magazine published Granville's second article, "Further exploration with LINQ" on April 1, 2007 covers stored procedures for LINQ to SQL data access, LINQ to SQL, and combining LINQ to XML with LINQ to SQL.

Granville also wrote C# 3.0: An Introduction" for The article briefly explains object initialization, type inference, anonymous types, lambda expressions, extension methods, LINQ queries, and expression trees with simple C# code snippet.

Update 3/12/2007: The first installment of Granville Barnett's "Introducing LINQ" series appeared today on Granville says the article covers:

  • Querying of in-memory collections
  • A subset of the standard query operators
  • Compiler generated code including a discussion on "under the covers" compiler behaviour like cached anonymous delegates and delegates
  • Lambda Expressions

Update 4/11/2007: The second installment, Introducing LINQ – Part 2, offers a simple example of using LINQ to SQL's Object/Relational Designer to create a simple LINQ to SQL data access layer (DAL).

Update 4/25/2007: Introducing LINQ – Part 3 digs deeper into LINQ to SQL enities and stored procedures for retrieving data from the underlying SQL Server data store.

Granville's blog offers several LINQ tutorials implemented in C# 3.0.

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