Friday, March 16, 2007

"LINQ 2.0" in Early Returns from QCon 2007, London

LINQ 1.0 hasn't hit RTM and "LINQ Creator" Erik Meijer is talking about LINQ 2.0 already.

Tim Anderson blogs from the QCon 2007 conference held in London this week about Erik's "Democratizing the Cloud" keynote:

LINQ 2.0 is about simplifying multi-tier, cross-platform web applications—hence the title of the talk, “Democratizing the cloud.”

So how do we do that? The starting point is that users want the same experience everywhere, irrespective of computer platform or device. Meijer’s idea is programmers should be able to code for the easiest case, which is an application running directly on the client, and being able to transmute it into a cross-platform, multi-tier application with very little change to the code.

Read Tim's eloquent review of Erik's keynote presentation.

Stefan Tilkov of InnoQ covered Erik's "Introduction to Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ)" sales pitch technical presentation. His conclusion:

Overall: great talk, great guy, way too little time.

Final quote: Programming Language Theory is relevant. But it requires at least 20 years of patience and ripening.

Read Stafan's rough notes.

Note: QCon is a JAOO (Denmark) and InnoQ (Germany and Switzerland) conference.

Other luminaries presenting at QCon 2007 are Martin Fowler, Ted Neward, Christian Weyer, Cameron Purdy, Cedric Beust, Kevlin Henney, Zed Shaw, and Dave Thomas.

Stefan says:

I also managed to interview all of the speakers for InfoQ (except for the one with Paul Downey, which I plan to do tomorrow), and all of the presentations have been videotaped, too — a lot of excellent content to look forward to. [Emphasis added]

I'll update this post with links to LINQ-related content as they appear.

Update 3/17/2007: Sadek Drobi covered Erik's keynote with photos and stream-of-conciousness quotations. Fellow Netherlander Samuel Renzato says about Erik's LINQ talk: "All in all, a very riveting presentation." (Samuel, like many other folks (including me) is reading Jimmy Nilsson's Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET.

Update 3/23/2007: InfoQ (not to be confused with InnoQ) has a blogger's summary of the entire conference. This link points to Erik's presentation.

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Anonymous said...

I know it is confusing as hell ... but there's InfoQ (, the community based in the US/Canada, where I happen to be an editor, and innoQ, a consultancy based in Germany and Switzerland ...

Roger Jennings (--rj) said...

Link to InfoQ changed to InnoQ. No question about the confusion!


Unknown said...

Thanks for blogging about QCon! I just wanted to let you know that we quoted and linked from this entry on the over all QCon 2007 blogger's key takeaway points and lessons learned article:

Feel free to link to it and of course blogging about this articles existence would help even more people learn from your and other bloggers takeaways.

Thanks again!