Thursday, February 12, 2009

Azure Table Storage Services Test Harness Source Code (Finally) Available for Download

Several readers have asked me recently “When will you finally make the source code available?” for the Azure Table Test Harness.

I did make it available for download on 1/31/2009 from my “Retire Your Data Center” cover story for Visual Studio Magazine’s February 2009 issue (click the Get Code Download link).

However, I didn’t update each of the following episodes of the story with the source code availability details:

I corrected that oversight today by adding

Update 1/31/2009: Code is now available for download.

to the beginning of the post and providing the download location.

For more about the VSM cover story, see My “Retire Your Data Center” Article about Azure’s Table Storage is VSM’s February 2009 Cover Story post of 1/31/2009.

Hope this helps.