Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Huagati DBML/EDMX Professional Tools License for 10 Purchasers of my LINQ and Entity Framework Book

If you follow my LINQ and Entity Framework Posts for MM/DD/200Y+ posts, you know I’m a fan of Kristofer Andersson’s Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools add-in to VS 2008 Standard and higher for LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework.

To promote his tools and help me promote my new Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework book, Kristofer has provided me 10 Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools Professional Edition single-user promotional licenses to distribute as I see fit. The licenses don’t expire.

I’ll send I’ve sent one license to each of the first 10 individual purchasers of Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework who sentd an email to me at roger_jennings[at]compuserve.com with the first two words of the first line of page 84 of the book in the email’s body.

This offer is not a lottery or contest and is subject to revocation without prior notice. Void where prohibited. Only one license per purchaser will be sent until the 10 licenses are transmitted. The estimated retail price of a non-promotional license is US$ 119.95 as of 1/29/2009.

Update 2/10/2009 2:00 PM PST: Following are the folks who received the ten Huagati licenses:

  • Gary Progar
  • Delmer Johnson
  • Tai Nguyen
  • Glenn Paulley
  • Daniel C 
  • Bassam Mansoob
  • Abdu Bukres
  • Dan Knight
  • Larry Hunt
  • Alan Thorpe

No licenses are left.

My earlier Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework: Table of Contents post of 11/8/2008 contains a chapter-level TOC.


Avail Systems said...

I'm likewise a big fan of Kristofer's! Never underestimate the power of a crazy Swede 'gone native' in Bangkok...