Friday, January 23, 2009

Microsoft Postpones Construction of Iowa Data Center

The Building a Better Mousetrap a.k.a. Optimizing for Maximum Efficiency in an Economic Downturn post of 1/23/2009 by Arne Josefsberg and Mike Manos in the ms datacenters blog reports:

Thanks to the efficiencies we’ve gained through these ongoing efforts, we will be able to delay the construction and opening of some of our facilities, which will save Microsoft and its shareholders significant operating expenses, going a long way towards meeting the goals that Microsoft announced this week. For instance we’re postponing construction of the data center in Iowa that we recently purchased land for. We are still continuing construction of our facilities in Chicago and Dublin, and are planning to open them as customer demand warrants. [Emphasis added]

But given the current economic climate we’re going to do the right thing for our business and shareholders and revisit our plans on a quarter-by-quarter basis. On other fronts, we are expanding existing capacity and making improvements for our other co-location facilities, like Amsterdam, that strengthen our global footprint and help us meet growing demand for online services for businesses.

According to a comment to the Mini-Microsoft: Microsoft Layoff 2009 - Now What? post of 1/22/2009:

Debra Chrapaty's [Data Centers] org is going to have some cuts, per her email.

News of plans for the new data center, to be located near Des Moines, appeared in early July 2008.