Thursday, September 04, 2008

How To Get a List of Your SSDS Account’s Authorities

It might seem obvious, but it wasn’t to either me or SSDS guru Mike Amundsen. The syntax to query for a list of SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) authorities for your account is the default address

followed by the default Query

from e in entities select e

which translates to

GET'from e in entities select e'

Here’s SSDS showing the request (Address and lower text boxes) and the response (upper text box) for the current OakLeaf authority oakleaf1:

(Microsoft limits SSDS beta testers to a single authority.) See comment by the SSDS team’s Stan Kitsis of 9/17/2008.

The inability to obtain a list authorities with

is due to a bug, according to a post by Stan Kitsis in the same thread.

Here’s a list of the containers uploaded to the oakleaf1 authority by the latest version of my updated SSDS Test Harness:

You can obtain a list of containers with a pseudo-LINQ query (above) or by executing

(Click either image for the full-size capture.)

Note: Help for SSDS Explorer is at


Anonymous said...

Hey Roger,

The following statement isn't true: "Microsoft limits SSDS beta testers to a single authority."

You should be able to create multiple authorities. If for some reason you can't, let me know - it's a bug.

Stan Kitsis

--rj said...


I'll take your word for it and run a test later.

I wasn't able to create more than one authority early in the beta.