Saturday, May 03, 2008

Manipulate Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET [Data Services]

My "Manipulate Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET [Data Services]" is the cover story for Visual Studio Magazine's May 2008 issue. Here's the deck:

ADO.NET Data Services (formerly code-named "Project Astoria") delivers data from relational tables and Windows Live services to Web mashups and Visual Studio 2008 projects, including ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight 2.0 rich Internet applications, as Representational State Transfer (REST) resources over HTTP in response to URI-based requests or LINQ to REST queries.

This architectural diagram of Astoria is Figure 1 of the story (click to read the caption):

Images courtesy of Redmond Media Group

You can download a sample NwindDataService.sln Web service app and the NwinDSClient.sln WinForm client that demonstrate Astoria's basic feature set:

Click image for full-size capture

Mesh Connection: At about 50:00 into the Ori Amiga: Programming the Mesh Channel 9 video segment of April 24, 2008 Ori mentions that the Mesh team is working with the Astoria folks to make sure their query and URL syntaxes are the same.

Related Topics: John Udell suggests taking advantage of Astoria's record-level URL addressability to implement loosely-coupled collaborative list-making in his Stonewall Farm, Darby Brook Farm, and the collaborative curation of data post of May 2, 2008. Because of its flexible entity feature (ad-hoc addition of attributes to an entity) SQL Server Data Services might be even a better choice when the SSDS team enables offering public read-only access to a container.

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