Saturday, February 17, 2007

LINQ to SQL C# Primer

The seventh in Charlie Calvert's LINQ Farm series, "Connecting to a Database with LINQ to SQL," shows beginning LINQ programmers how to write a simple C# console application that uses LINQ to SQL for connecting to and querying the Northwind Customers table.

Charlie also posted a "Connecting to Northwind" article to aid users new to database applications in downloading and installing the Northwind sample database in an SQL Server or SQL Server Express instance. My "Tips for Using Northwind with Visual Studio Express" extends Charlie's article with a few suggested additions and modifications, especially for Vista users.

Following are links to all seven members of Charlie's LINQ Farm series:

  1. LINQ for Beginners
  2. Query Expressions
  3. Query Operators
  4. Using Distinct and Avoiding Lambdas
  5. Focus on Grouping
  6. LINQ Sets: Union, Intersect and Except
  7. Connecting to a Database with LINQ to SQL

I first covered LINQ Farm in an "Orcas December 2006 CTP Coming with New LINQ/EDM Bits" post of November 25, 2006. However, my "Orcas February 2007 CTP Delayed to March" post notes that "we LINQ and ADO.NET 3.0 early adopters need a new Il Duce to make the Orcas trains run on time."