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Giga Om Structure Conference 2011 - Links to Archived Videos for 6/22/2011

Updated 6/24/2011 3:30 PM PDT: Added links to “Live-blogged stories from the event for 6/22/2011” to the end of this post.

Updated 6/24/2011 10:30 AM PDT: Links to Thursday’s video archives: Giga Om Structure Conference 2011 - Links to Archived Videos for 6/23/2011.

Updated 6/23/2011 2:30 PM PDT: A link to the previously missing Economics of Open Everything session archive was added. Only Paul Maritz’ session is missing now.

imageGigaOm provided live video coverage of its Structure Conference 2011 (@stuctureconf), held on 6/22 and 6/23/2011 at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Mission Bay Conference Center. The live video is archived but not easy to find.

imageFollowing are links to the LiveStream archives for 6/22/2011. (Inexplicitly, archives for two important sessions were missing as of 6/23/2011 8:50 AM).

8:30 AM: Opening Remarks

9:00 AM: New Directions for the Cloud

  • Speaker: Lew Tucker - VP and CTO, Cloud Computing, Cisco
  • Speaker: Joe Weinman - Worldwide Lead, Communications, Media and Entertainment Industry Solutions, HP

The cloud has come so far so quickly it’s tempting to think that we’ve reached maturity, but there are likely to be numerous discontinuities in the next few years. In this dialogue, Lew Tucker, Cisco’s cloud computing vice president and chief technology officer, and Joe Weinman, HP exec and founder of Cloudonomics, discuss what’s coming next. How will OpenStack and Cisco’s Networking-as-a-Service contribution and HP’s Open Cloud Marketplace impact the industry? How much of IT will be in private vs. public clouds? Will the industry be dominated by over-the-top players? Or will telcos, regional players, and vertical specialists have the biggest role? Is the megadatacenter the ultimate architecture, and if not, what current assumptions may be overturned? A great talk that will help map out issues to be discussed over the next two days and the next 18 months.

9:20 AM: The State of the Cloud Address

Speaker: Werner Vogels - CTO,

The Amazon public cloud accounts for an estimated 40% of the total public cloud market. Werner Vogels helped to elevate the cloud computing industry into the mainstream when his team at Amazon launched EC2 and S3. We asked Werner to deliver a very special "State of the Cloud" address in which he talks about where Amazon sees cloud computing currently and where he plans to take the industry next.

10:30 AM: The Future of The Cloud Panel

  • Moderated by: Michael Skok - General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners
  • Speaker: Dries Buytaert - Co-Founder and CTO, Acquia
  • Speaker: John Dillon - CEO, Engine Yard
  • Speaker: Marten Mickos - CEO, Eucalyptus Systems
  • Speaker: Lew Moorman - Chief Strategy Officer and President of the Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace

Recently, GigaOM Pro, The 451 Group, and Northbridge Venture Partners conducted an industry survey to map the future of enterprise cloud computing. The results of the survey will be revealed for the first time in this panel, and we will hold a lively discussion among the stakeholders in key industry sectors about the implications of these results.

The Future of Cloud Computing Forum site provides links to related content.

11:10 AM: Microsoft and the Cloud: What’s Next?

  • Speaker: Satya Nadella - President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft
  • Moderated by: Eric Savitz - San Francisco Bureau Chief, Forbes

Satya Nadella runs the $15 billion infrastructure business unit at Microsoft which encompasses the server business lines and the Azure platform. Microsoft remains a leading giant in the enterprise software space and is a leader in both public and private cloud computing, and its existing customer channels will be influential in shaping the course of how this trend will be realized. We will talk to Satya about his view of cloud computing and the direction that he sees Microsoft charting.

11:30 AM: Latin America: The New Market in The Backyard?

Last year, Brazil experienced its fastest economic growth in almost two decades. Gross domestic product expansion was double what economists had expected the country to reach. As it's economy booms, it's demand is outstripping local supply of technical talent and infrastructure. Does Brazil represent a new market and potentially a new partner for American Cloud Services companies? Or will China and India rise to the occasion?

Missing: 11:50 AM: Shaping The Cloud

What further technology leadership will VMware show in shaping the cloud computing industry? VMware defined the category for virtualization and subsequently helped make the term ubiquitous. Formerly at Microsoft, Paul Maritz led the entire software product lines across the board and in no small part created the giant that is MSFT. Now as CEO of VMware, what challenges will Paul Maritz face as VMware shapes the Cloud industry?

12:10 PM: The Economics of Open Everything

  • Speaker: Derek Collison - CTO, Chief Archictect, Cloud Division, VMware
  • Speaker: Frank Frankovsky - Director, Hardware Design and Supply Chain, Facebook
  • Speaker: Forrest Norrod - VP and GM, Server Platforms, Dell
  • Moderated by: Lew Moorman - Chief Strategy Officer and President of the Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace

The power of open-source software can’t be denied. At its best, it has democratized innovation and is a stub for other subsequent innovations. Think Apache and the web. But where is the money in it? Does there have to be a profit motive? We talk to two exponents of recent projects -- Open Stack and Cloud Foundry -- both of which are open and have the promise to shake up the cloud industry.

1:30 PM: Enabling Ubiquitous Access with Content-Centric Networking

  • Speaker: Teresa Lunt - VP and Director of the Computing Science Laboratory, PARC, a Xerox company

The world has changed since networking was invented. Networks are no longer about simply getting messages from point A to B -- now, it's all about multimedia, collaboration, and sharing. Given the ubiquity of devices, networks, and content everywhere, an industry of patchwork services and workarounds has evolved to support these realities. In this talk, Teresa Lunt will discuss content-centric networking, a new approach to networking being developed at PARC and around the world that addresses these and other problems. Content-centric networking simplifies how applications consume content, and enables applications and services to be designed so that more content can be delivered at far less cost. Because it's not ubiquitous if people can't easily get what they need when they need it.

1:50 PM: Clouds to Customers: Making the Connection

  • Speaker: John Stankey - President and CEO, AT&T Business Solutions
  • Moderated by: Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM

As cloud users become more mobile, the need for higher bandwidth everywhere will be crucial. With the increased demand for the cloud, the need for reduced latency and high-capacity interconnects will also increase. There are a few companies who have the knowledge and resources to deliver both. Could the cloud represent AT&T’s next great opportunity?

2:15 PM: Guru Panel - What Can the Enterprise Learn from Webscale?

Those who are at the bleeding edge of practice today will define everyday operations for the rest of us tomorrow. We assemble a panel of some of the top innovators -- and biggest infrastructure customers -- in the web world to talk about their experiences pushing the boundaries of cloud computing.

2:55 PM: Networks for Clouds, App Stores and Operating Systems

Arista, founded by Andy Bechtolsheim and Jayshree Ullal, has been instrumental in turning data centers into clouds with its high-speed hubs. This year, Arista announced its new cloud network operating system, EOS, together with its app store model, which will enable a third-party ecosystem. We chat with Jayshree Ullal about the impacts these will have on the industry at a time when we’re seeing lots of new technology innovation in the network space.

3:55 PM: The VC Panel: Cloudy Bubble?

Is there a bubble? The Valley’s finest are giddy with their investments into the cloud space. But we ask, will it last? Meet some of the Valley’s leading venture capitalists, and find out where they’re investing their money and on what areas of technology entrepreneurs should focus.

4:35 PM: The CIO’s Finest Hour

  • Speaker: Dave Hitz - Founder and EVP, NetApp
  • Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Structure Editor and Staff Writer, GigaOM

The IT department has to learn to keep pace with a new business organization moving at “Cloud Speed.” Requirements and technologies change at such a fast pace they are almost fluid. This chat will address the challenges of having a legacy, siloed infrastructure and what the C-Level decision maker presently has to face when making purchasing decisions.

4:55 PM: LaunchPad

  • Speaker: Navin Chaddha - Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
  • Speaker: Matthew Howard - General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners
  • Speaker: John Lee - Director, Entrepreneur Services Group, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Speaker: Luis Robles - Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Moderated by:Javier Soltero - CTO, SaaS and Application Services, VMware

Meet GigaOM’s picks for the companies that have the "right stuff" to succeed in the cloud computing marketplace.

Live-blogged stories from the event for June 22, 2011:

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