Friday, April 16, 2010

OakLeaf Blog #1 of 1,260,000 for “Azure” in Google Real-Time Stats for Blogs and #2 of Top Updates

Update 4/16/2010: Up to #1 in Top Updates for “Azure” and down to #7 in Blogs at 8:00 AM PDT.

Eric Shonfeld’s Google Rolls Out Twitter Timelines In Realtime Search 4/14/2010 post to TechCrunch describes Google’s new Real-Time Stats feature:

One of the biggest conundrums in realtime search is how to show more than just the most recent results. Sometimes you want context or the ability to see the most important status updates about a specific topic, but if the results go back too far they are no longer realtime. The various realtime search engines and Twitter itself are addressing this issue in various ways, such as by highlighting extra-popular Tweets up top and then flowing the rest chronologically below (that is Twitter’s own method). Bing is starting to pull in realtime results into the main search results and showing the most Tweeted links for given keywords.

Google is going a different route by adding a timeline view of realtime updates. The feature is rolling out over the next few days, and includes more than just Twitter updates. (It will be under options, when you click the “Updates” link). Until then, you can check it out here.

The timeline lets you go back in time to see what people were saying about any particular topic. It searches updates on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, and MySpace. It is an attempt to recreate the conversation which occurred at a specific point in time about any topic.

A RealTime search of Blogs with Azure as the search term returned the Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/13/2010+ post as #1 of ~1,260,000:

Here’s a link to the current Blogs entries for Azure.

Here’s the timeline for Updates containing the word Azure on 4/14/2010 at 8:00 AM PDT (click images for full-size 1024x768 screen capture):


Notice that the then-latest post to the OakLeaf Systems blog (Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/13/2010+) was the second of the Top Links. Here’s a link to the current Updates for Azure.

Note: The OakLeaf post dropped to #3 by 9:30 AM PDT on 4/13/2010 and was off the Top Links list by 4/15/2010 at 11:30 AM PDT, probably due to no new posts since 4/13.

Following are “Mentions” of Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/13/2010+ in FriendFeed and Twitter:


Here’s a link to the current mentions for the OakLeaf Systems post in Top Links.

Apparently, I’m not one of the Bing users selected to beta-test their real-time search features. If and when this occurs, I’ll update this post and write a new one comparing Bing’s real-time features with Google’s.

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