Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is C# the Only Supported Language for Azure Roles?

The “About the Azure Services Platform and Windows Azure” topic of the current Windows Azure SDK states in its “Compute Service” topic:

A service may be comprised of one or both types of roles. C# is currently the supported language for writing managed code to be deployed as roles. [Emphasis added.]

This document is now in its second edition, at least.

Dave Chappell writes on page 14 of his “Introducing the Azure Services Platform” whitepaper:

Developers are free to use any .NET language (although it’s fair to say that Microsoft’s initial focus for Windows Azure has been on C#). [Emphasis added.]

Despite Dave’s demurrer, the way I read the official SDK tea leaves is: C# is currently the only supported language for writing managed code to be deployed as roles.

Surprisingly, I haven’t heard an outcry about this denigration of Visual Basic from well-known and respected VB proponents, such as Beth Massi, Bill McCarthy, or Julie Lerman.

As a long-time (since VB 1.0’s Professional Extensions, a.k.a. Rawhide) VB user, I object!


Steve Marx said...

You can certainly use VB.NET and other .NET languages in the cloud already, but the SDK samples and tooling are indeed for C#.

Steve Marx said...

Correction: the tools have templates for both C# and VB.NET.

Mark said...

Try Programming Live Mesh.

Zero VB.Net code.

--rj said...

@Steve Marx,

If that's the case, why is C# "the supported language?"

Perhaps the term "supported language" needs defining.