Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Glenn Paulley Gives “Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework” a Thumbs-Up

Sybase iAnywhere’s director of engineering, Glenn Paulley posted Roger Jennings’ book on Entity Framework 3.5 looks like a winner on 2/3/2009. Glenn writes:

I just recently purchased Roger Jennings’ book, entitled Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework. This is as complete a guide as you’ll find to the various implementations of LINQ: both LINQ-to-SQL (now discouraged by Microsoft) and LINQ-to-entities are covered in considerable detail. What I really appreciate within the book are Roger’s descriptions of the differences between the various technologies: what they can do, what they cannot, with lots of examples to illustrate the concepts. …

Moreover, a tremendous resource for Jennings’ book is that the source code for each chapter is downloadable from the publisher.

My congratulations to Roger on a very useful resource for Entity Framework developers.

And my thanks to Glenn for the kind review.