Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jon Udell Interviews Anders Hejlsberg about the LINQ May 2006 CTP

InfoWorld analyst Jon Udell's Friday Podcast for May 13, 2006 is a 22-minute interview with Anders Hejlsberg about the LINQ May 2006 CTP release. Anders is a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Technical Fellow, and lead architect of the C# programming language. The interview's first 8 minutes is the background of the LINQ project and its capabilities. New features in the May 2006 CTP are discussed at these approximate starting times: 07:55 The three implementations of IQueryable—DLinq, LINQ Over DataSets, and Objects—deliver polymorphic representation of a query. 10:45 The IQueryable implementation for objects which ordinarily implement IEnumerable builds an application that's independent of the data source. 12:20 Customers have written IQueryable wappers around WMI and Active Directory. IQueryable is a formalization of a process that accommodates puggable query processors. 13:00 C# 3.0 Join and GroupJoin sytax with decision trees deliver much greater capability. Copy and paste XML works in the May 2006 CTP. 15:40 VB 9.0 query syntax sequence changes from Select ... From to From ... Select, which enables IntelliSense statement completion. Operations now come in the order of execution, unlike SQL. 17:15 VB 9.0 gets the Group By clause for DLinq and XML Literal outlining for XLinq. "VB programs are starting to look mighty much like Xquery programs." 17:40 DLinq provides a graphical designer and supports inheritance, which lets you map relational tables to an object hierarchy with discriminator columns. 18:50 Multi-tier objects support a Web scenario to minimize refetching data. 19:50 O-R mapping now lets you attach an entity to an existing DataContext. 20:50 There's no "deep connection" between XLinq and the SQL Server native XML data type. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , ,