Tuesday, May 02, 2006

FTPOnline Posts SQL Server 2005 Special Report

"Special Report: SQL Server" is live today on Fawcette Technical Publications' FTPOnline site with this description:

Microsoft SQL Server has come a long way since the release of Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL Server 1.0 in 1989, now providing a developer-oriented, enterprise-grade relational database management system. This Special Report delves into SQL Server 2005's new offerings, including business intelligence features, management tools, advanced data and text mining, more granular database permissions, Visual Studio integration, and more.
My three contributions to the Special Report are: "Microsoft SQL Server Turns 17" covers the history of SQL Server since 1989 and provides current product and market information on Microsoft's flagship relational database management system. "Install SP-1 for SQL Server 2005 and Express" provides detailed installation and related information about the release version of SP-1. "SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition Goes Everywhere" describes what you can expect from SQL Server Everywhere when it releases by the end of 2006 and proves that SSE will be an effective alternative to XML files for persisting typed DataSets. Enjoy... Technorati: