Friday, April 24, 2009

Thumbnails.sln Original and Enhanced Versions – Flow Diagrams

Additional diagrams of Steve Marx’s fix for extreme polling bandwidth requirements (Thumbnails2.sln) and the final version with the GridView and thumbnail deletion features (PhotoGallery.sln) will be added as I draw them.

The diagrams are from Chapter 8, “Messaging with Azure Queues,” of my forthcoming Cloud Computing with the Microsoft Azure Services Platform book for WROX.

Click the images to download from Windows Live SkyDrive and display a full-size PDF version.

Original Thumbnails.sln from the Windows Azure SDK (March 2009 CTP)

Thumbnails2 with JavaScript Modifications by Steve Marx to Reduce Traffic Shaded

Steve described his modifications in a extensive comment to my Scalability and Cost Issues with Windows Azure Web and Worker Role Projects – Live Demo post of 4/22/2009. You can run a live demo of this version at Launch Fiddler2 to prove there’s no traffic when the client is quiescent (just connected to the Azure service.)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that this deep analysis and mathematical critique of a grossly flawed and trivial Microsoft demo program has knocked my confidence in this Blog.