Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tech●Ed 2007 Coverage from FTPOnline

Redmond Media Group's FTPOnline columnists (including me) are covering Tech●Ed 2007—the 15th Anniversary of Microsoft's yearly technical conference—for the .NET Insight newsletter's "Tech●Ed Show Daily" issues. (Updated June 8, 2007.)

From the June 5, 2007 .NET Insight "Tech●Ed Show Daily" issue:

Muglia Maps Microsoft's 'Journey Towards Dynamic IT'

The traditional "vision" keynote gives way to optimization, virtualization and standardization of existing IT infrastructure along with new agile business processes and modeling to reverse the 70/30 ratio of IT maintenance to new solution spending at Tech●Ed's 15th anniversary.

Hot at Tech●Ed 2007: SQL Server 2008

The next version of SQL Server will deliver native data types for documents, filestreams and geocoding, provide policy-based management, support the Entity Data Model (EDM) and Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and integrate with Microsoft's enhanced business intelligence (BI) offerings.

Click here for a table of Tech●Ed sessions about SQL Server 2008 and implementing business intelligence projects.

From the June 7, 2007 .NET Insight "Tech●Ed Show Daily" issue:

Hot at Tech●Ed 2007: Introducing the Entity Framework and LINQ

The Entity Framework (EF) and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) are two new technologies in Visual Studio 2008 that form one of the Pillars of SQL Server 2008 (formerly "Katmai"): Dynamic Development. Both play nicely with SQL Server 2005 and 2000, too.

Click here for a table of Tech●Ed sessions about the Entity Framework and LINQ.

Exploit SQL Server Compact Edition and Occasionally Connected Systems

SQL Server Compact Edition v3.1 and v3.5's free license covers deployment on Windows PC clients as well as devices, so you can take advantage of this lightweight, in-process relational database as a local data cache and automatically synchronize its data with a back-end SQL Server 200x instance.

Click here for a table of Tech●Ed sessions about SQL Server Compact Edition, data synchronization, and occasionally connected systems.

Video: Preview SQL Server 2008's Database Engine (01:04:00)

Christian Kleinerman, group program manager of Microsoft's Relational Engine Team, offers a first look at SQL Server 2008, formerly code named "Katmai." Specifically, his presentation at VS Live! Orlando delivers a high-level overview of enhancements to the relational database engine. (Taped May 8, 2007.)

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