Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jon Udell Interview with Anders Hejlsberg, Part II

This 50-minute screen cast is a continuation of the Anders Hejlsberg interview by InfoWorld's Jon Udell, which I described in my May 13, 2006 post, "Jon Udell Interviews Anders Hejlsberg about the LINQ May 2006 CTP." Jon's "The Screening Room #5: LINQ" post of May 31, 2006 describes the topics covered:

[N]ew join syntax, the DL[inq] visual mapper, adaptation of stored procedures and user-defined functions to LINQ, an experimental approach to transforming XML into modifiable .NET code, and dynamic construction of expression trees.
The Visual Basic team's Paul Vick joins Anders later in the segment. The screencast includes live demonstrations in Flash 8.0, Windows Media and QuickTime formats. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , ,