Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Watch VSLive! Orlando Keynote and Session Videos

If you've signed up for Fawcette Technical Publications .NETInsight newsletter, you've received a VSLive! Show Daily issue from the Orlando conference on October 11, 12, and 13, 2005. Each issue includes a video of the preceding day's keynote address and videos or slides of selected breakout sessions.

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If you missed the Show Daily issues, they're available from the following three links (free registration required, subscriptions are optional):

  • Day One—Monday, October 10, 2005: Keynote: "Visual Studio 2005: More Power with Less Code Now" by BJ Holtgrewe, lead product manager for Visual Studio Session: "Building Mission-Critical Software" by Eric Lee, Product Manager, Developer Tools Division, Microsoft Corp. Slides: ".NET Windows Forms Tips and Tricks" by Ken Getz, Senior Consultant, MCW Technologies. Session: "Security Changes in .NET 2.0" by Robert Hurlbut, owner of Hurlbut Consulting Inc. and Microsoft MVP for Security Development. Session: "Advanced VSTO Programming and Deployment" by BJ Holtgrewe, who's also responsible for product planning and marketing of Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System.

  • Day Two—Tuesday, October 11, 2005: Keynote: "Next-Generation Database Application Development" by Bill Baker, Microsoft's general manager for SQL Server Business Intelligence Session: "AJAX-Style Development With ASP.NET 2.0" by Vishwas Lele, Principal Architect, Applied Information Sciences, and Microsoft Regional Director for the Washington D.C. area. Slides: "Leverage New Features in C#, Framework 2.0" by Richard Hale Shaw, Founder, Richard Hale Shaw Group Session: "What's New in ADO.NET 2.0" by Jennifer Perret, Program Manager for Data Access, SQL Server Product Group, Microsoft Corp. Slides: "Diagnostics and Health Monitoring in ASP.NET 2.0" by Fritz Onion, Founding Partner, Pluralsight Session: "Connect to SQL Server Instances" by Bill Vaughn, president, Beta V Corp.

  • Day Three—Wednesday, October 12, 2005: Keynote 1: "Introducing the Windows Communication Foundation" by Richard Turner, Web Services Strategy, Microsoft Corp. Session: "Add Pizzazz to Your Web Pages With GDI+" by Walt Ritscher, Scandiasoft Slides: "Programming Windows Communication Foundation" by Payam Shodjai, Product Manager, Web Services Strategy Group, Microsoft Corp. Session: "Write High-Performance Stored Procedures" by Bill Vaughn, president, Beta V Corp. Session: "Smart Data Clients 2.0" by Walt Rischer, Scandiasoft.

Videos range in length from about 00:45 to 01:15 or so. Enjoy the sessions.