Saturday, February 16, 2013

Links to My Cloud Computing Articles at Red Gate Software’s Simple-Talk Newsletter & ACloudyPlace Blog

imageI’m a regular contributor of articles about cloud computing/big data development and strategy to Red Gate Software’s (@redgate) ACloudyPlace (@ACloudyPlace) blog, which is being subsumed into the company’s Simple-Talk Newsletter and Blog.

imageThe following table lists the articles I’ve submitted and that Red Gate has published to date:

Date Title
2/5/2012 Testing the StreamInsight Service for Windows Azure, Part 2 (Simple- Talk)
1/24/2013 StreamInsight Service for Windows Azure, Part 1 (Simple-Talk Newsletter)
9/5/2012 Analyze Big Data with Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure Preview Service Update 3
7/19/2012 Google Compute Engine: A Viable Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Competitor
5/15/2012 Free Private Data from Silos for Internal Use with Microsoft CodeName “Data Hub”
4/3/2012 Analyze Years of Air Carrier Flight Arrival Delays in Minutes with the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler
2/22/2012 Track Consumer Engagement and Sentiment with Microsoft Codename “Social Analytics”
1/18/2012 Upload Big Data to SQL Azure Federated Databases with BCP Automatically
12/16/2011 Use OData to Execute RESTful CRUD Operations on Big Data in the Cloud


Red Gate Software offers the following “cloud-ready” tools:

imageThe firm acquired Cerebrata Software Private Ltd in October 2011. The press release for the acquisition is here.

Full disclosure: I have gratis licenses for most Cerebrata products, including Cloud Storage Studio and Diagnostics Manager. I use these tools regularly.