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14 Azure-Related Sessions at MIX 10

A search on “Azure” on the MIX 10 Sessions pages on Friday evening, 3/12/2010 turned up the following 14 sessions, which probably will be final list for the event:

Update 3/13/2010: Clemens Vasters says in a 3/11/2010 tweet: “Deployed a special #ServiceBus environment with an early preview build today. Surprise for Wednesday” (Connecting Your Applications in the Cloud with Windows Azure AppFabric).

Sunday 3/15

Building Cloud Services with Windows Azure Platform

Chris Auld in Breakers D on Sunday at 1:30 PM

Windows Azure platform allows you to deploy and scale your web applications transparently in the cloud. You can build Azure application with Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, or with open source components such as PHP and MySQL. Gain the skills to architect and develop real-world applications using Windows Azure. It is expected that attendees have some prior experience with Windows Azure, and the Azure Services Training Kit is a recommended prerequisite. During this half-day workshop, we show how to build basic Windows Azure applications on Microsoft and open source technologies, and introduce best practices for deploying, managing, and scaling your applications.

Tags: Windows Azure, Workshop

Monday 3/15

Building Offline Web Apps Using Microsoft Sync Framework

Mike Clark in Breakers D on Monday at 11:30 AM

Come learn about offline web applications and how they can provide a better experience to your users. Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Sync Framework are core technologies that enable web developers to create offline applications. See how to use these three technologies to produce great applications. We also introduce our upcoming support for offline Microsoft Silverlight clients and show you how you will have the flexibility to use any platform for your offline applications, device or desktop.

Tags: SQL Azure, Windows Azure

Lap around the Windows Azure Platform

Steve Marx in Breakers L on Monday at 3:30 PM

The Windows Azure platform provides a comprehensive set of services for building and running scalable applications targeted at the cloud. In this session we go on a coding tour of the Windows Azure platform. On this tour, see how web applications can use the scalable compute and storage services with Windows Azure, secure connectivity with Service Bus and Access Control Service, and a relational database with Microsoft SQL Azure.

Tags: Cloud, SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Platform

Tuesday 3/16

OData: There's a Feed for That

Pablo Castro in Lagoon L on Tuesday at 11:30 AM

There is no shortage of valuable data being generated by applications, reports, tools, websites, etc. Unfortunately, this leaves many of us wishing we could programmatically access the data and logic behind an app, report or website. To break down data silos and increase the shared value of data and its asscoiated business logic through the web, Microsoft has recently announced the Open Data Protocol which enable exposing any data source as a web-friendly data feed. Join this session to understand what the Open Data Protocol (OData) is and how it adds end user and developer value to many of Microsoft's leading products and services (such as SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Codename "Dallas", Windows Azure, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel, Visual Studio, .NET, Silverlight, AJAX etc.) and is accessible from a range of platforms such as Java and PHP.

Tags: OData

Building and Deploying Windows Azure-Based Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Jim Nakashima in Breakers L on Tuesday at 11:30 AM

Visual Studio makes it easy to quickly build web applications for the Windows Azure Platform by allowing you to leverage your existing skills as a .NET web developer. In this session, see how to use the new Visual Studio 2010 tools to build, debug, and deploy web applications that target the cloud. We use familiar technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server and call out the key considerations when targeting the Windows Azure Platform. Whether you're just getting started with Windows Azure or if you're already a pro, in this session learn new tips and tricks for using the Visual Studio 2010 tools to accelerate the development of cloud applications.

Tags: Cloud, SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Platform

Incarnate: Behind the Scenes

Karsten Januszewski in Lagoon B on Tuesday at 12:05 PM

A recent MIX Online lab, Incarnate is a service that finds your avatars around the web, so you don't have to upload a new one every time you join a service or leave a comment. Behind the scenes, Incarnate is a service hosted in Windows Azure with a WordPress plug-in. In this session, we dive into some of the more interesting aspects of Incarnate, including how microformats are used to discover avatars, the diagnostics and logging support in Azure, writing a JSON-P service in Windows Communication Foundation and writing the WordPress plug-in.

Tags: From the Labs

Microsoft Project Code Name "Dallas": Data For Your Apps

Moe Khosravy in Breakers L on Tuesday at 1:30 PM

“Dallas” enables developers to consume premium commercial and public domain data to power consumer and business apps on any platform or device. Do you need mapping or government data? These datasets and many, many, many more are all available through “Dallas” with a simple and consistent REST-based APIs, simple terms of use, and a simple consumption-based billing model. In this session, you will see how “Dallas” removes the friction for accessing common datasets by enabling you to visually discover, explore, and purchase data of virtually any data type (images, real-time web services, databases, blobs, etc) provided by trusted partners from a single marketplace. We will use a variety of Dallas datasets to develop web and mobile applications using technologies such as Silverlight 4, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Phone.

Tags: Cloud, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Platform

Building PHP Applications using the Windows Azure Platform

Craig Kitterman, Sumit Chawla in Breakers L on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

The Windows Azure platform has been built from the ground up with interoperability in mind, supporting multiples languages and development tools to build applications which run on Windows Azure and/or integrate with other cloud platforms or on-premises components. Come learn how to run your PHP and MySQL applications on Windows Azure using open source tools & SDKs while taking advantage of new Windows Azure features. This session will cover developing for Windows Azure using PHP, deployment choices, patterns and practices in building & scaling PHP applications using cross platform open source SDKs using a choice of development tools, including command-line tools and Eclipse.

Tags: Windows Azure Platform

Using Ruby on Rails to Build Windows Azure Applications

Sriram Krishnan in Breakers L on Tuesday at 4:30 PM

The Windows Azure platform has been designed to be open and interoperable with services that can be used with a variety of languages. In this session, learn how your Ruby on Rails applications can take advantage of scalable compute and storage services in the cloud with Windows Azure.

Tags: Cloud, Windows Azure

Wednesday 3/17

Using Storage in the Windows Azure Platform

Chris Auld in Breakers L on Wednesday at 9:00 AM

Building big web apps requires unique approaches to storing data. In this session we share hard-won lessons from Azure early adopters on how they've combined Microsoft SQL Azure and Windows Azure Storage to handle typical storage needs in the cloud. We discuss sharding and data partitioning approaches and how these can impact transaction throughput in SQL Azure as well as techniques to get the best out of "NoSQL" data stores like Azure Table Storage.

Tags: SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Platform

Building Web Applications with Windows Azure Storage

Brad Calder in Breakers L on Wednesday at 10:30 AM

Windows Azure provides a highly available and massively scalable cloud storage service. In this session, learn how to create and access the different types of Windows Azure storage including blobs, tables, and queues. Also, learn about the new type of storage we are introducing, Windows Azure XDrive, which lets you use existing NTFS file system APIs to access durable storage.

Tags: Cloud, Windows Azure

Building Web Applications with Microsoft SQL Azure

David Robinson in Breakers L on Wednesday at 12:00 PM

SQL Azure provides a highly available and scalable relational database engine in the cloud. In this demo-intensive and interactive session, learn how to quickly build web applications with SQL Azure Databases and familiar web technologies. We demonstrate how you can quickly provision, build and populate a new SQL Azure database directly from your web browser. Also, see firsthand several new enhancements we are adding to SQL Azure based on the feedback we’ve received from the community since launching the service earlier this year.

Tags: Cloud, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Platform

Connecting Your Applications in the Cloud with Windows Azure AppFabric

Clemens Vasters in Breakers L on Wednesday at 1:30 PM

In this session, learn about the new features we're enabling with Windows Azure AppFabric to build rich, connected web applications. Today, Windows Azure AppFabric allows connecting service applications to their clients irrespective of network topology, firewalls, and NATs, providing endpoint discoverability, access control and bi-directional information flow between sites in the cloud, on-premises and on the road. We preview new features that make it easy for developers to build rich, connected Microsoft Silverlight applications. We also demonstrate how Windows Azure AppFabric is reaching beyond its .NET Framework roots, making it easy to extend modern, web-based communication patterns to any app, any page, and any device.

Update 3/13/2010: Clemens Vasters says in a 3/11/2010 tweet: “Deployed an special #ServiceBus environment with an early preview build today. Surprise for Wednesday.”

Tags: AppFabric, Cloud, Windows Azure Platform

Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Azure: A Match Made for the Web

Matt Kerner in Breakers L on Wednesday at 3:00 PM

By combining the rich user experience with Silverlight with the flexibility and scalability of Windows Azure compute and storage, you can build some incredible end-to-end web applications. In this session we show you tips and tricks so you can best use these technologies together. We cover key topics such as client-server communications, cross-domain access policies, and accessing Windows Azure storage from Silverlight.

Tags: Cloud, Silverlight, Windows Azure

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