Monday, June 01, 2009

A Bing Test-Drive: Try It, You’ll Like It

My first impression of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine/UI is favorable and the color scheme complements the OakLeaf blog. I particularly like the popup excerpts from my Azure test harnesses on OakLeaf#.CloudApp.Net:

(Click each image to open a full-size (1024 x 768) capture.)

Compared to Google’s presentation:

I don’t have an explanation for the extreme difference in hits on “oakleaf systems”: 429,000 for Bing and 8,490 for Google.

Narrowing the search to include Azure delivers these results:


This time, Bing delivered almost twice the number of hits as Google.


Fabian Wetzel said...

I think you think quantity means quality...

have you ever looked on page 2 of search results? The quality of the first 10 results is most important for the success of a search engine in my opinion and Bing cannot reach Google in this point in my opinion.

--rj said...


I don't see a wide discrepancy in the quality of the first 10 results between Bing and Google.