Monday, May 04, 2009

Initial Azure Blob Generation Time vs. File Size Graph

Following is Upload, Create and Total time data plotted for a set of *.bmp and *.zip files ranging in size from ~70 kB to 37.75 MB stored by my Windows Live SkyDrive account and imported to the my Azure Blob Test Harness, which is live at

Updated 5/4/2009: Minor additions and clarifications.

The upload time for the 21.75 MB file appears to be an anomaly but all times appear reasonably repeatable. Following is the source data for the graph taken from the WebRole’s logs:


Note: Upload times are much shorter for blobs running in Azure Storage Services rather than Developer Storage because Azure has a higher speed network connection to SkyDrive than most users’ upstream data rate.

Ultimately, average values obtained from processing a large number of blobs will provide a more accurate picture of file size versus. In the meantime, here’s a screen capture of the source of the preceding data set.

For more information about the live test harness, see my Windows Azure Blob Test Harness Project is Live! post of 1/4/2009.