Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Windows Azure Test Harness Is Live!

The OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Test Harness page is now accessible at http://oakleaf.cloudapp.net/Default.aspx.

Update 5/11/2009: Sample code is available here from my “Retire Your Data Center” cover article for the February 2009 issue of Visual Studio Magazine.

Update 12/10/2008: The public Windows Azure Test Harness has been updated to enable deleting and re-creating all customers, as well as updating the CompanyName entity.

Here’s a updated preview of the first page with 12 rows per page open in Mozilla Firefox 3 at 1024x768 resolution (click image for full-size screen capture; The FireFox 3 formatting problem has been corrected):

Inserting Editing has been disabled to prevent vandalism and the page might be removed temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

Paging is enabled and you can execute a LINQ to REST query that enumerates the EntitySet and counts the number of customers. (LINQ to REST doesn’t support Count() or other aggregate functions.)

Here’s a list of episodes of the illustrated Azure Storage Services Test Harness tutorial, which includes sample code and HTTP GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests and responses:



Unknown said...

Awesome - thank you for sharing all this.

David Roh