Monday, November 24, 2008

LINQ to SQL Featured in Visual Studio Magazine’s December 2008 Cover Story

Speed O/R Mapping with LINQ to SQL” by Roger Jennings for the December 2008 issue carries the following deck:

LINQ to SQL continues to be a top contender in the .NET object/relational mapping tool market despite Microsoft's promotion of the Entity Framework as one of the "Pillars of SQL Server 2008: Dynamic Development."

The article includes a table that compares LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework features and a “Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Add-Ins Remove LINQ to SQL Roadblocks” sidebar that describes Huageti Systems’ DBML/EDMX Tools utility for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework and Damien Guard’s T4 template for customizing LINQ to SQL partial class code generation.

Following are recent OakLeaf blog posts that relate to the story:

And here are a two minor corrections to the story:

  • In the main text, “Hibernate and NHibernate” should be preceded by “Java and .NET purists” as Hibernate is a Java O/RM tool.
  • In Table 1’s feature “Model-first design” for LINQ to SQL, “Not available” should read “Create Database supported”.

Note: The latest version of Huagati’s DBML/EDMX Tools support incremental modifications to the database schema underlying a LINQ to SQL project.

The issue also contains two outstanding articles: What VB Devs Should Know About C# by Bill Wagner and What C# Devs Should Know About VB by Kathleen Dollard.